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Councillor Bob Buckle is a former police officer. He said the young and transient nature of the city population make it more likely to experience increases in Kanye Adidas Boots

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The city was jolted by a spat of violent crime in October including a shooting incident that police say was drug related and a Halloween stabbing which led to charges of attempted murder.

Crime figures in Cold Lake aren't expected to drop anytime soon as 1500 new oil patch workers are expected in the area by 2011 in an anticipated round of oil sands expansion.

"If you have a rash of break ins or graffiti, it's hard for just a uniformed officer who's just responding all the time to sink their teeth into these files," Buckle said. "A plain clothes unit will help give the tools to the detachment to tackle some of these crime issues in the community."

Copeland said the oil boom effect on crime, especially drug trafficking, in Cold Lake is another example of the city's need for a share Adidas Kanye X of oil assessment revenue.

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it. Anybody living in the community knows that we have changed over the last few years. There's a lot more graffiti and vandalism."

Like Fort McMurray and other oil boom areas of the province, the introduction of thousands of transient, well paid workers inevitably results in an increase in crime.

"Cold Lake has a more vibrant demographic than your Adidas Jeremy Scott Bones 2018

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"We're expecting more workers in the community which puts more stress on the police," Copeland said. "In order to operate the city properly we lack in a lot of areas, and (policing) is one area where if the city had more funding, we would be bringing more police into the city of Cold Lake."

Crimes in Cold Lake increase from previous year

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"We've been one of the highest cities for crimes per capita in Alberta for a while," Copeland said. "We're not happy about Adidas Consortium La Trainer X Undftd

The city is also looking at a police school resource program. The Cold Lake detachment is also planning on adding two plain clothes officers who will focus on coordinating police criminal investigations.

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The city's operating budget for policing services in Cold Lake is about $1.5 million along with another $300,000 for peace officers.

Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland said the city is working to address urban crime that comes with a growing city.

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Adidas Kanye X

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average community which presents a whole array of policing challenges," Buckle said. "When you look at the transient population alone, you're going to have more incidences of crimes."

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During 2010 budget deliberations, council committed to adding another constable to the urban ranks of the Cold Lake RCMP in order to combat the drug trade and petty crime.

Buckle said the plain clothes officers are a much needed addition to the local detachment.

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